Workshops, lessons and presentations available to book all year round

Astrophotography Presentation/talk

(camera clubs/societies etc)

£125 (can accept any group size, 10-60+)

A full slide show presentation/talk covering the most common aspects of Astrophotography (about 2+ hours in duration). This involes talking about Gear, Settings, How to plan and even some details on post processing. All using examples of images taken from my collection from my last six years as an Astrophotographer.

Astrophotography Workshops

(outdoor or Indoor)

£60 per person (group size 2-5)

A teaching workshop for Beginner/intermediate, in a hall/room (during day) or on location (at night). We go over techniques used along with gear/equipment settings to take amazing images of the night sky. How to plan your shots at night and post processing skills to bring out the detail captured even on basic cameras.

1-2-1 lessons (custom)

From £95 per person (4 hours) (£25 p/hour thereafter)

Full Day £250 (Afternoon- theory/techniques/planning, Evening-out on location, following evening- editing photos taken)

If you would like a one to one lesson with me all to yourself and depending on your skill level whether it be beginner to advanced, I can offer a personal tailored sessions from theory/techniques/settings/on location skills to editing methods to make your photos sparkle.